“Divergent” by Veronic Roth — not yet finished (spoilers)

An intriguing topic is invented history and science fiction literature is a great place to turn to for beautiful (sometimes hilarious, sometimes haunting) elaborations on reason for, and consequences or realities of invented history. The opening of Lem’s “Memoirs Found in a Bathtub” is a great satirical example.

I am currently reading “Allegiant”, third part of the “Divergent” trilogy by Veronica Roth. I had not read anything about the series before reading the series, and I had asked everyone not to spoil it (kudos to the audience at the YA Dystopia panel at LonCon for protesting loudly when one panelist seemed about to reveal the reveal). Not yet halfway through “Allegiant”, I am noticing that the “In a World…”-style teasers for this series were misleading. “In a City…” – would have been more correct, because the “world” set up in the first two volumes, well — spoiler — is not the “world”. (“Maze Runner” clears this up at the end of the first book, so readers haven’t spent as much time being in that world before realizing it is not a world, just a place; also, all the characters do not really have any personal “history” at their disposal as they are experiencing amnesia.) I am torn between having only liked the series ish, and being really interested in invented history. Because I didn’t see the reveal coming – tbh I really didn’t put that much thought-energy into this series to predict any plot twists – I didn’t pay much attention to how “history” is described in the first two volumes. I could/should go back. I remember there being something called “Faction History”, which the kids in that “world” (or, well, “city”) are taught at school. Maybe I am interested enough in this to go back to book one and re-read especially with regard to how history and history-teaching in particular are described there.


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