My book is out now

I made what I did for my PhD into a book. It’s called “The Nowhere Bible” and it is available now from De Gruyter.

I called it that because it is about utopia – the no-place-good-place – and about science fiction, too – the always-not-quite-there.

The implicit question underlying the whole experiment is: what if the Bible were utopia or science fiction? What if we naturally assumed utopian theory or science fiction theory were the appropriate approach to it, because the worlds it imagines are not found in reality? What would happen to the text, to texts-about-the-text, and to biblical scholarship? In the end, the book is to some extent about the Bible (or rather the biblical passage I use as a case study), but it is mainly about hermeneutics and the different kinds of wishful thinking with which the Bible is often approached.


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