EABS 2016: Call for Papers “Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Cultures”

The call for papers for EABS and IOQS meeting 2016 is now open for submissions. More than 60 research groups on cutting edge topics are inviting abstracts.

The conference will take place in Leuven, Belgium, July 17-20.

I am especially pleased that the project on fan fiction and ancient scribal cultures on which I am collaborating with two wonderful colleagues – Mette Bundvad in Copenhagen and Sonja Ammann in Berlin – is starting its three-year run as an EABS research group.

In this first year, we are inviting contributions on expressions of identity in contemporary fan fiction.

We would like to have a look at whether we can use contemporary fan fiction to investigate questions related to authorship and identity in ancient texts. The panel especially encourages interdisciplinarity and we would love to hear from those with an expertise in fan fiction or fan studies, even if they have never thought about ancient scribal cultures before.

You can read the full call for papers here: https://eabs.net/site/fan-fiction-and-ancient-scribal-cultures/


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