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Call for Papers: Science Fiction and the Bible

The call for papers is now open for the panel Science Fiction and the Bible, which will meet at the European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS)’ Annual Meeting 2015 (Cordoba, Spain, July 12-15th, 2015).

More information can be found here.

As always, there is an open session, inviting papers on all relevant themes to do with Science Fiction in all its guises and the Bible and/or ancient literatures more widely. This year there will be a themed session about destruction and forgetting (and/or re-construction and remembering). If you are interested in SF but have not yet worked in the areas of Bible or religious literature, we would very much like to hear from you. The conference itself might be worthwhile for you, too, as there will be a cross-over panel on visualisation of sacred spaces and artefacts in Science Fiction films, which is organised jointly with colleagues of the Archaeology of the Levant group at the EABS. Furthermore, there is a workshop on Fan Fiction and Scribal Culture(s), which is inviting contributions. Colleagues from the Biblical World and Its Reception group invite papers on spatial theory, and there are workshops titled Images of Creation and Bodies of Communication. There are very interesting intersections to be explored between these panels. All in all, it’s almost like a small SF convention inside a Biblical Studies conference.


The season to propose papers

How about proposing papers for these two panels? 

Science Fiction and the Bible meets for the second time in Vienna this July, as part of the SBL‘s international meeting and the EABS‘ Annual Meeting. The Call for Papers is open now (until February 5th). Information about the panel can be found here

If you are feeling very specific, there is a second panel – Chronicles and Utopia – which is running for the first time in Vienna. This one is a sibling of a special session at the SBL’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore in 2013, which focused on Chronicles and/as Utopia. It was part of the Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemia section. For the Chronicles and Utopia workshop, too, deadline is February 5th. 

Further along in the year, there is of course the mothership conference: SBL/AAR Annual Meetings in San Diego, CA, in November. With regard to Science Fiction might I recommend the Science Fiction and Religion Group? I heard some really good papers there at the last meeting, and it was very well attended, too. Another interesting panel was/is the Transhumanism and Religion Group